Photo credits: Michal Belka

What is The Style Bounty?
Bounty can be translated as genorosity and liberality. I decided that style genorosity reflects perfectly what this blog is about: personal style, which always evolves, my thoughts about fashion and basically everything that connects with fashion and beauty industry somehow and I feel passionate about that I would love to share.

Who is Anna Otton Zielinska?
Anna is my first name.
Otton is my mother’s maiden surname that I use for many reasons: It sounds more international, is shorter and easier to pronounce than my original polish surname ‘Zielinska’.
I was born in Canberra, Australia, grew up in Wroclaw, Poland and currently I’m enjoying Edinburgh, UK enrolled in a fashion design course at college, pursuing my fashion career.

I’m 21 year old Polish girl in love with art, beauty, fashion, travel, ski and sushi. I’m a hopeless perfectionist, always striving to get better, making my visions come to life and being creative 24/7.