Grey to me is both elegant and cosy. I feel like grey sweaters are more comfortable… You think they make most of the laid-back homewear grey without a reason?

But this suit is quite official, especially the fabric and cut of the trousers. Nevertheless it still feels very cosy, and I’m pretty sure colour has something to do with it as well as the fabric, which is not as limiting as most suites. I believe it’s fair to say that I look a bit as if I was a CEO of a huge international fashion brand (haha). The magic of clothes… It’s like little affirmations.
I decided to combine this elegant outfit with La Mania clutch bag. La Mania is polish leading fashion brand and has one of the most appealing designs, their collections are always very modern and simple, but purely feminine as well. It’s very popular in Poland, but not as much as it deserves on the world scale. Although frankly, it’s still quite new.










Photography by Aleksandra Zielinska / Illustration by me

Shirt & Trousers: Escada
Bag: La Mania
Shoes: Hugo Boss
Watch: Longines
Necklace: YES
Ring: Swarovski