Do you sometimes feel as if though you can’t pick a country to call your home and the place you were born/grew up in doesn’t resonate with you anymore or it never did. I was born in Australia and grew up in Poland and now I’m studying in Scotland, but soon will move to London. And because of this I can’t say that I belong anywhere as of right now.

And of course I feel connected to my Polish family, but I don’t feel connected to polish culture. I’m not sure why is that, however, since very young I felt the strong need to learn about other countries and their culture and so therefore I kind of became a citizen of the world and I do still feel like that. I’m a guest at my home country and a foreigner anywhere else. It’s a weird feeling, but it’s allowing me to stay very open to other cultures and to adapt easily to new environment. I’m sure some of you can relate to this, let me know in the comments!

This outfit is inspired by layering, I wore two coats to experiment and push my fashion game a bit. I love these red ballerinas, they’re so comfortable, yet they add such elegance and femininity to the whole look.










illus copy

Photography by Michal Belka / Illustration by me

Coat: Massimo Dutti
Cardigan: Emanuel Berg
Skirt: Motel
Bag: Massimo Dutti
Shoes: Pretty Ballerinas
Watch: Massimo Dutti
Hoop earrings: ASOS