As you may already have noticed, this post is inspired by the classic Hollywood movie Breakfast At Tiffany’s starring gorgeous Audrey Hepburn. And even though I can’t really relate to the story – young woman trying to find a wealthy husband to satisfy her need of luxurious life – the cinematography is still beautiful. The scene of Audrey eating breakfast and drinking coffee while looking at Tiffany’s boutique in New York is now cult.

I wanted to stay true to the image of literally having Breakfast At Tiffany’s, however, I decided to add some freshness and modern style to it. Hair loose instead of a bun, less jewellery and no sunglasses. I truly felt very elegant and definitely a bit “out of my era”, which is quite an interesting feeling.

Photography by Michal Belka

Dress: PINKO
Necklace: PINKO
Shoes: Atmosphere