Hello lovelies! It’s close to Valentine’s Day and what a better way of celebrating than travelling to the city of love? I cannot unfortunately be in Paris for the V Day, but I do have some outfit of the day photoshoot back from my trip in January.

We shot some of the pictures on balcony of our hotel and the rest on the Alexander Bridge, which is such a beautiful piece of art and is such an important object in Parisian culture. I chose to dress accordingly to my surroundings and I was actually stopped by a tourist who asked me for directions in French, so I guess I was able to truly put the Parisian chic on my style, haha.

Photography by Michal Belka

Jacket: Pennyblack
Roll Neck: PrettyLittleThing
Skirt: ASOS
Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company
Shoes: ASOS