How to feel as if you’re in Italy in your hometown? It’s summer, so the weather is settled. What about everything else? Well, all you need is to sit in an outdoor cafe, ask the waiter with the most tacky italian accent while gesticulating too much: Io prendo la torta e caffè. Don’t worry if the waiter looks at you like you’re completely insane. Play ‘Dolce Vita’ by Ryan Paris on your headphones and say a loud and dragged grazie! to the waiter as he/she is putting your cappuccino and a little cake on the table. Sip on the foam in order to have the true italian cappuccino-foam-mustache.

A bit of sarcasm didn’t ever hurt nobody, right? ; ) Today in my polish city I felt like I was walking the finest italian streets. The mood can really change your perspective. But honestly, the hot weather did really make the impression as if I was away on a holiday. I guess Poland is becoming an exotic country. Can’t really complain about that.

I’m wearing this gorgeous Louis Vuitton shopper bag along with a simple and elegant little white dress. I can’t help but to think that this dress looks like cappuccino. Seriously. Would I be me If I didn’t pop some colour here and there? No, I wouldn’t… So I added lilac wedges. Also as you can see this post has a bit of a different aesthetic compared to previous ones. It’s because I try to make the photos look more editorial, a bit like a magazine, thus the black and white photography. Hope you enjoy this kind of style!


Wersja 2


Wersja 2 (1)


Wersja 2 (4)



Wersja 2





Photography by Aleksandra Zielinska / Illustration by me

Dress: Tru Trussardi
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Shoes: Shop in Tokyo
Earrings: Shop in Tokyo