Hello lovelies! It’s good to be back in London and to reality, although I will miss those warm holidays with no plans for the day but to enjoy the weather and company. Good thing is that recently Britain caught up with the south and we got our five days of heatwave. During that time people freaked out a bit as there was no spring, no time to adjust – it turned straight from winter to summer. You could see the confusion on the streets, people were either wearing coats as they simply haven’t accepted that summer came so early or folks who would wear flip flops and short shorts. Rarely you could see a person dressed in between those extremes. So, I guess here is my proposition for such weather: tulle! It’s breathy and light and all things pretty. I wore my tulle top with jeans and some accent shoes to add that pop of colour. What would you wear tulle with?

Photography by Michal Belka

Top: Zara
Jeans: PINKO
Bag: Tous
Shoes: ASOS