Because I moved to a new flat in London, I now have a chance to decorate and buy some furniture that go with my taste. I thought I would do a series with interior design wishlists and my actual apartment photos. This post is all about bedroom inspiration.

Our bed was already provided in the flat and it’s similar to the one in the wishlist board – it’s navy blue with velvety feel fabric. So I can go crazy with the rest! I chose a very pastel colour palette with metallic touches.

First of all, I found this gorgeous mini desk from West Elm with marble top finish and I think it will be perfect as a makeup table. Credit: West Elm

A chic footstool with rose gold metallic legs will add a bit of a modern touch to a very classic desk. Credit: Maisons Du Monde

Jewellery stand with marble and rose gold goes with the theme and looks rather elegant. Credit: Oliver Bonas

Washed cotton velvet duvet cover? Well, yes please! Velvet looks so cosy and luxurious, perfect for a chic bedroom. Credit: West Elm

Little decor in form of a plant and gorgeous planter is a must! Credit: West Elm

Rose gold candle will brighten up the bedside table as well as your mood. Credit: Tom Dixon

Pillows for making your bed look that much more interesting. Credit: West Elm

Rose gold hangers for upgrading your closet. Credit: Amazon

What do you think about this style? I personally am in love with the feel of it, mixed metals and cosy velvet make for a truly lovely bedroom that you just long to snuggle in!