Guest post by Emma Lawson, Illustrations by me

How many times have you gathered the money for a full-blown spa day and then decided that it is better to go grocery shopping instead? The truth is that splurging on yourself should not be considered a waste of money. In fact, every lady deserves to be spoiled every now and then, and better now than then, right? This summer, you should treat yourself with some of the most amazing products and treatments, and make your skin and hair glow.

“Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity.” ― Coco Chanel


Jade Stone Massage
An entire spa day is a great idea, but if you don’t have the money or the time, you can go for the second best – a jade stone massage. The stone is valued in Asia as a symbol of power and beauty, and it is considered that it can do wonders for your skin (moisturizing, evening out the tone, etc.). Of course, you will get the best jade massage in Beijing, but you can surely find something similar in your neighbourhood as well.



A Rejuvenating Day Cream
No one likes the marks on their skin, so investing in a rejuvenating cream does not sound like a bad idea. If you are still searching for one, make sure you choose the best. Restorsea cream contains a natural enzyme released by baby salmon in the very hatching process. It encourages cell renewal, reduces the appearance of fine lines and improves skin texture.



Nourishing Body Oil
During summer, your skin is exposed to temperature changes, so it is more important than ever to nourish it properly. And if it is the luxurious body oil you are searching for, there is no better place to look for it than France. L’occitane assortment has a wide range of skincare products, like Almond supple skin oil, which smoothens and tones the skin and creates an irresistible scent of fresh almonds.



Hair Serum
So, you have your shampoo, conditioner and hair mask, but have you tried anything beyond that when it comes to hair care? Well, maybe you should. Kérastase Initialiste serum promotes thicker and more lustrous hair. What makes it different than others is the fact that its treatment starts from the roots. Just use it three times a week after shampooing and you will notice the difference.



Laser Hair Removal
If you still have troubles with shaving and waxing this summer, it’s the perfect time to end the torment and head to the beach with smooth and hairless skin. Treat yourself with a laser hair removal, which is beyond any doubt, the best way to get rid of unwanted body hair without damaging the skin. For the best results, search for clinics/cosmeticians with dual wavelength diode laser.



Contouring Palette
The summer is almost here, and of course you will not be using a lot of heavy makeup. Instead of a traditional contouring palette, you can opt for the illuminator and blush duo by none other than Tom Ford. The Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate will give you the perfectly sculpted face, without going overboard.



Lip Gloss
Sure, lipsticks are always the best option, but summer requires a bit gentler approach and lip gloss is the tool for the job. If you are looking for a lip gloss that is much more than a shiny translucent cover-up, then Chanel Rogue Allure Gloss is right for you. The shades are just perfect, it isn’t as sticky as some of the glosses on the market, and it gives fabulous lacquered finish to the lips.

Feeling spoiled enough already? Do not worry, you do not have to stop there. There are plenty of luxurious products and treatments out there. Find the ones that suit you best and enjoy.

Words by: Emma Lawson, Illustrations by: Ann Otton (The Style Bounty)
Emma Lawson is a passionate writer, online article editor and a health enthusiast. In her spare time, she likes to do research, and write articles to create awareness regarding health and beauty skin care products. She also strives to suggest innovative home remedies that can help you to lead a quality and long life.

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