It always feels exciting when the spring comes, every year. It’s an awakening to most living creatures, including myself haha. To me, this is the time when new ideas come to mind and also when I finally have more motivation to do something I wanted, but didn’t have the energy throughout the ice-cold months.

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These photos were taken in Poland when I visited my family for Easter Break. It feels good to be at home, visit my old teen-agey room and be out of the routine… Poland gives me new inspirations and new vibes, basically any city I travel to makes me question my old ways and puts things into different perspective. I love that about traveling!

As the day was very sunny I decided to wear something that would match the surroundings that I saw as the spring came: flora blooming around the city and beautiful sun rays touching up everything and making it look brighter. Taupe suede dress was perfect as the day was pretty hot, but not “California 100 degrees in shadow” hot. Burgundy heels from Salvatore Ferragamo gave the look more life and quaint feel. It’s definitely more elegant and mature of me to wear spike heels. I usually just opt for flats, especially if I need to do some errands when I’m out and about. Also, how lovely is this small nude bag? I swear, it goes with pretty much everything. Let me know if you liked this look!

IMG_0981 (3)

IMG_5011 (4)

IMG_0943 (3)

IMG_0942 (3)

IMG_0936 (3)

IMG_0909 (3)

IMG_0921 (2)

IMG_0937 (2)


Photography by Aleksandra Zielinska / Illustration by me

Dress: La Roue
Jumper: Escada
Bag & Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo
Necklace: YES